For all your air conditioning requirements on the Sunshine Coast and all of South-East Queensland, Laser Electrical Warana are the team you can always count on. We are your local experts for split system air conditioning, ducted systems, and the awesome MyAir 5 Series system, for the ultimate in home and office climate control.

What Is a MyAir 5 System?

Brought to us by Advantage Air, MyAir is an air conditioning management system that incorporates the latest technological advantages to take charge of your split and ducted air conditioning systems.

A smart and intuitive touchscreen tablet that’s wired and never needs charging, MyAir controls both the air conditioning unit as well as the management system. It works seamlessly with all the major brands, and rather than using a separate remote control for every air conditioner in the home, you can control them all from the one location.

How MyAir Works

The MyAir 5 system actually allows you to control the air flow to each room of the home, which is particularly useful when it comes to ducted air con systems.

Employing advanced and patented technology known as Exact Air Regular, or “EAR”, you will now have the ability to adjust the temperature of each room in 5% increments, a feature that was previously reserved for use in commercial highrise buildings.

The touchscreen tablet gives you all the controls you need in one convenient location. You can even download the app for your smartphone or tablet, which will then remotely communicate with the MyAir 5 device.

Not only can it control your home’s air conditioning, it can also control smart lighting, your security system, even your pool cleaner!

The device and app divides your home into ten temperature or control zones, rather than a standard of 5. This gives you way more control, particularly if you have ducted air con installed. With MyAir 5 you now have the ability to isolate every room where climate control is required, rather than wasting energy (and money) having your ducted system cool rooms that aren’t being used.

The MyAir 5 Series control and management system simply makes perfect sense. Talk to the team at Laser Electrical for more information on how it works, and for expert installation.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors that work in conjunction with MyAir 5 are an optional extra, but a handy one to consider.

The sensors detect when someone leaves the room. If the room is left unattended for more than 10 minutes, the sensor tells MyAir 5 to raise the temperature by one degree, thus adding further savings to your energy bills. If another 10 minutes go by and the room is still empty, the temperature will be raised another degree.

As soon as someone re-enters the room, the original temperature will be activated and the temperature will be rapidly restored to the desired level.

Laser Electrical is here to help with all your air conditioning needs. Talk to us about transforming your home into a smart home by installing the MyAir 5 Series air conditioning management system. Help and friendly advice is just a phone call away.

View the MyAir instructional video: