Energex Peak Smart Cash Back

Category: Promotions

Receive up too $400 cash back from Energex through there Positive Payback Scheme!

Replacing or purchasing a new air-conditioner? By choosing a PeakSmart enabled air-conditioner not only can you can claim up to $400, you'll also help manage peak demand.

Many Queenslanders use their air conditioner during peak times, usually on days of extreme temperature. Everyone using their air-conditioner at the same time, increases stress on the electricity network.

If you are replacing or purchasing a new air-conditioner, help manage peak demand by choosing a PeakSmart air-conditioner, you will be rewarded by up to $400 by connecting it to the PeakSmart program.

Households and businesses can claim up to five rewards per premise for any type of PeakSmart enabled air-conditioner where a signal receiver is installed, numbers greater than this will be reviewed and approved at the discretion of Energex.

Reward   $200 $400
Cooling Capacity   4kW or less than 10kW 10kW or more

Apply to claim your Peaksmart Airconditioner Reward.