Common Signs Your Air Con Is Failing

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The Australian climate can be pretty harsh, especially during summer in Queensland. What you don’t want in the peak of the hot season is for your air conditioner to stop working. Don’t wait until it totally dies to call in professional help.

In this post we’ll look at some common signs your air con might be about to fail, so you know it’s time to get some help.


Weak Airflow

If there is restricted or very little airflow coming from your air conditioner - whether it’s a ducted air conditioning systemor a split cycle system- it’s a sure sign something is not right. This could be due to the filters being clogged, the air conditioning unit is extremely dirty, or the compressor is on the way out. Either way, you need to call in an expert to sort it out.


Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

Maybe there is some decent airflow, but the air is not chilled and feels more like a fan than an air con. Once again, this could be symptoms related to what was mentioned in the section above. More than likely it’s suffering a compressor problem, or some other electrical component is at fault. It could also be an indicator of a gas leak or refrigerant levels being too low.


Your Air Con Is Making Weird Sounds

This can apply to all types of air conditioners – window mounted, split systems and ducted air conditioning. If you are hearing squealing sounds, grinding, a metallic grating noise, or anything else that’s not normal, there is a problem. It’s definitely time to call in your local air con technician. Something might have found it’s way inside and got caught up in the system, but likely a fan motor might be on the way out, or even the compressor.


High Energy Consumption

It might seem like your ducted or split system air con is working okay, but it’s using more electricity to run than normal. This is an indication that it’s having to work harder to keep the place cool. This could simply mean the filters or unit itself need cleaning, or it might be low on gas and needs the compressor to kick in for longer periods of cooling. Either way, you need to get it looked at.


Hissing Noises From a Ducted Air Con System

This is an indicator that something is amiss in the ductwork somewhere and will result in the unit itself working much harder than normal. This can lead to breakdown. If you detect strange hissing sounds, call in an expert ASAP.


An Air Conditioner That Cycles Too Frequently

This means that the thermostat is causing the air conditioner to cool briefly, then stop, cool again, then stop again. If your air conditioner keeps cycling way too often, like every minute or two, it’s a signal that something’s not working as it should and needs some professional TLC.

If you know what signs to look out for, you can ultimately save yourself from a major breakdown by calling in a technician early.

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