LED lighting services sunshine coast by laser electrical

Laser Electrical Warana is your ultimate source for energy efficient LED lighting in the local area, whether it be new installations or maintenance and upgrades to your existing lighting system. Our team of experts cover the Warana and Sunshine Coast areas. No matter what your lighting requirements, you can be assured of competitive prices, expert and friendly service and a desire to exceed your expectations every time.

So why choose LED lighting over more traditional lighting methods? To fully understand the answer to that question, let’s first look at what LED lighting actually is.

What Is LED Lighting?

The letters “LED” represent “Light Emitting Diode”. To break it down, the light itself contains a semi-conductor device that has the capacity to transform electricity into light.

LED globes don’t use a traditional “glowing” filament like is found in incandescent light bulbs. These old globes tended to convert around 90% of the electricity they used into heat rather than light, whereas it’s the opposite for LED lighting.

LED Lighting Is Energy Efficient

Because of their immense ability to convert electricity into light, LED light globes of all shapes and sizes are far more energy efficient than the old incandescent globes, and even out-perform the energy efficiency of fluorescent light bulbs by quite a margin.

Along with being all round much kinder to the environment and consuming less natural resources, when you have LED lights installed in your home or business, you’ll see a significant reduction to your power bill. 

LED Lights Last Much Longer

Along with saving on electricity costs, LED light globes simply last much longer than other types of light bulbs. In the past, fluorescent light bulbs tended to have the longest lifespan, but LED globes outlast every other globe by at least 3 times.

This means when you have LED lighting installed, you won’t have to go to the expense or hassle of replacing your light bulbs anywhere near as often. 

LED Lighting Is Safer

One of the biggest issues with most forms of lighting has always been the amount of heat they put out. LEDs are a much cooler light due to their energy efficiency, and this makes them safer for all sorts of applications.

Because LED lights use way less power, they can also operate on a low voltage system. 

LED Lights Are Durable

Due to their solid state design, LED bulbs are a lot tougher than light bulbs of the past that have very fragile glass casings. This makes LED lighting the perfect choice for outdoor lighting that is exposed to the elements, as well as indoor lighting.

Applications of LED Lighting

LED lighting is highly versatile and can be used in all sorts of applications. They can be combined in any shape, used for lighting effects, mood lighting and are perfect for any environment. There is also a great range of colours and styles to choose from.

Talk about your ideas and requirements with Laser Electrical Warana. We can take care of all your LED lighting needs, so call today or contact us.